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wolfgang damm, product marketing director, WTGBoonton’s service for customers has just been made easier. Test and measurement equipment needs periodic calibration. This guarantees that they perform like new over their complete life cycle. Getting a RMA code (Return to Merchandise Authorizations) is now possible via online form at our new RMA web site. 

Many instruments consists of several single components. An example would be an RF power meter with two RF power sensors. They all have different serial numbers, but since they are most likely purchased together, it makes sense calibrating them also together. No problem with our new online RMA feature  – up to four components can be entered at one RMA form.

 Boonton Request and RMA site

Why factory calibration?

Many independent “calibration” houses offer their services. However many of them have actually no possibility to apply new alignment data tables. They  just measure if instruments meet the data sheet specs and if the result is within Calibration limitsthe datasheet specifications, they consider the instrument as “calibrated”. This even if the measurement show, that calibration is right at the edge of its limit. Obviously this methood is not sufficient at all; normal termal drift may move the instrument soon after the “calibration” out of its limit – a situation that is clearly undesirable.

Boonton factory calibration is thourough. It is performed to much tighter specs than those that are listed on the datasheet. Furthermore, the instruments are aligned to the center of their limits. This garantees that even with normal thermal drift, all instrument stays calibrated during the full calibration period.

Boonton – Reliable RF Instruments.


Further information:

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