True RF Pulse Measurements

wolfgang damm, product marketing director, WTGAnalyzing RF pulses requires test equipment that provides three main attributes:

Highest Detail Representation
Accuracy – Repeatability.

Boonton customers use top-end 4500B RF peak power analyzers for many years to measure and analyze most complex RF pulses and pulse trains. Whether for military or commercial applications, this peak power analyzer is the instrument of choice for engineers who have to calibrate their million dollar electronic equipment.

By spending large amounts of Marcom dollars proclaiming  superior parameters and even comparing screen sizes, Agilent tries hard to gain market share in a domain that is well served by Boonton with our established 4500B Peak Power analyzer and a huge variety of sensors. 

Our response is: Boonton’s customers who work with most complex RF pulses are really experts in what they are doing. They can quite well distinguish if certain specification claims are indeed meaningful for them. We can demonstrate that the 4500B peak power analyzer can not only perform any pulse analysis task, but can do that often superior when compared to much higher priced equipment in the market. 

Boonton 4500B Peak Power Analyzer - well established and trusted by experts who have to measure complex pulses and pulse trains.

Hewlett Packard, Agilent’s predecessor, was long time considered the leading T&M technology company in the world. To no surprise, it makes us incredibly proud that Agilent’s launch strategists recognized Boonton’s analyzer as the golden standard for high-end peak power analysis and are trying to compare their new product with the well established 4500B.

Boonton 4500B – trusted performance

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