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Improving Network Capacity by Minimizing Passive Intermodulation (PIM)

Modern wireless high-speed data networks use tightly grouped channels and complex modulation schemes to enable transmitting vast amounts of data. This in association with ultra-sensitive receivers may face unanticipated but serious capacity losses if the network is disturbed by Passive Intermodulation, or PIM for short. Generally, modulating RF signals is necessary to transport information, but […]

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True RF Pulse Measurements

Analyzing RF pulses requires test equipment that provides three main attributes: Highest Detail Representation Accuracy – Repeatability. Boonton customers use top-end 4500B RF peak power analyzers for many years to measure and analyze most complex RF pulses and pulse trains. Whether for military or commercial applications, this peak power analyzer is the instrument of choice for engineers who have […]

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RMAs Made Easier

Boonton Request and RMA site

Boonton’s service for customers has just been made easier. Test and measurement equipment needs periodic calibration. This guarantees that they perform like new over their complete life cycle. Getting a RMA code (Return to Merchandise Authorizations) is now possible via online form at our new RMA web site.  Many instruments consists of several single […]

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Tough Environmental Conditions for Outdoor Equipment

Wireless systems have to work in extreme conditions. IP-rated components are the only way to protect the system and ensure proper functionality.

Hot, Cold, Dusty or Wet – Wireless Systems Have To Perform Whether we talk about cellular base stations (BTS, eNodeB) or outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), wireless infrastructure is always subject to the environment. Still, it has to work flawlessly and  under quite challenging conditions. Let us just imagine the scorching heat and the dust storms […]

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LTE forces Wireless Network Designers to Re-Think

wolfgang damm, product marketing director, WTG

 Smart phones  and tablet PCs claim huge data band-widths and wireless network operators must ensure subscribers’ data demand is sufficiently satisfied. Research conducted by CISCO® in 2011 found that compared to a regular mobile phone, smart phones require 24 times the data bandwidth. Tablets have an even higher demand; they require 122 times the data bandwidth of standard mobile phones. Wireless network operators […]

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